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Happiness philosophy

 The concept of happiness seems both clear and at the same time foggy and uncertain. Clarity in that each person can make any definition of happiness according to the belief. And at the same time it is very difficult to make uniform definition which could serve as unequivocal designation of happiness.

Having tracked word "happiness" etymology, it is possible to notice regularity. The Ancient Greek word "Eudaimonia" (true happiness) was made of two words - eu (good) and daimon (deity), i.e. literally meant that the destiny of the person is under the protection of gods.

In Rome the word "happiness" meant a goddess name - Fortuna. The word "Fortuna" had two more values - good luck and destiny. The goddess was represented with a horn of plenty, a wheel and a steering oar. That is, it personified divine favor which can be given only to the worthy. Therefore the perception of happiness as categories in the Roman Empire was purely practical. It was welfare, possibility of performance of desires etc.

For lower sectors of society often the happiness designated an esktatichesky unification with gods who can spare more worthy life. The late similar relation fortunately found reflection in the Christian doctrine.

In Russian the word "happiness" also has some values:

     1) fate, destiny, fate, share; i.e. to be happy first it was understood as "to be under favor of the highest forces",

     2) accident, desired surprise, success in affairs i.e. to be happy, can mean and that the person can be as though the accomplice of the destiny.

One of the first Aristotle reflected that such happiness. The happiness is a highest blessing of the person; The happiness means virtuous life and the correct acts; but concerning what life is considered virtuous, there are disagreements.

The highest blessing, from Aristotle's point of view, is a happiness, and the happiness is defined as continuous activity on the basis of the best and absolute virtues which are formed by means of the corporal and external benefits, such, as health and wealth.

There is one very simple and true technology of achievement of Happiness: it is necessary to be able to rejoice lives, enjoying its fine minutes, it is necessary to live «here and now», it is necessary to inhale always this life a full breast, today and this minute. I in general call it — to Catch Instants. In it also there is a Happiness Secret!

To want to be happy and to be happy — things different. It is possible to want and wait all the time happiness.

Even to think up and make to itself the huge list of components necessary for happiness: friendly family, power, glory, wealth, good work, creativity etc. And on achievement of this huge list of sources of happiness the whole life can leave. And after all happiness it in process, instead of as a result.

To find pleasure in every day, in every minute is and is to be happy! In it also there is a happiness essence!

Pay attention to the small pleasant moments: chirping of birdies, beautiful floret, fragrant bowl of soup, smile of the passerby, sun etc.

Really, for happiness, by and large, anything special also it is not necessary. It is just necessary to be happy, to be always positive. And then round you always will be light-and it is solar. Here such it also is, material happiness. Harmony, balance between our mind reason and our heart.

At the person who lives effortlessly, with ease peculiar to children, even adjoining on the verge of absurdity, it starts everything to develop wonderfully.

“The happiness is not life without cares and grieves, the happiness is a state of mind.” Felix Dzerzhinsky.

“The happiness greatest in life is a confidence that love us, love for that we such what we are, or in spite of the fact that we such what we are.” Victor Hugo.

“If you want to be happy — be it!”  Kuzma Prutkov.

Horror films
I not so often look horror films. If I look this films with funny company, I don't feel fear. On the contrary, I laugh and I am not frightened. But when I look these films in the company of impressionable people in places I feel myself frighteningly. Sometimes happens terribly that I begin to shake like a leaf. It sends shivers up and down my spine. I think that look horror films useful.We splash out the emotions through shout. Unique not a pleasant consequence of a film this that that I feel scared stiff myself. But it on the is cheerful.

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i am sitting in the morning
at the diner on the corner
i am waiting at the counter
for the man to pour the coffee
and he fills it only halfway
and before i even argue
he is looking out the window
at somebody coming in
(Я сижу ранним утром
В закусочной на углу
И жду, сидя за стойкой,
Чтобы мне сварили кофе.
Бармен заполняет чашку только наполовину,
И прежде, чем я успеваю что-то возразить,
Он смотрит в окно
Вновь зашедшего посетителя.)

"it is always nice to see you"
says the man behind the counter
to the woman who has come in
she is shaking her umbrella
and i look the other way
as they are kissing their hellos
and i'm pretending not to see them
and instead i pour the milk

("Я всегда рад видеть тебя"
Говорит человек за прилавком
Женщине, которая вошла
И теперь встряхивает свой зонтик.
А я смотрю в другую сторону,
Поскольку они целуются у входа,
Делаю вид, что не замечаю их,
Наливая молоко.)

i open up the paper
there's a story of an actor
who had died while he was drinking
it was no one i had heard of
and i'm turning to the horoscope
and looking for the funnies
when i'm feeling someone watching me
and so i raise my head

(Я открываю газету.
Там история об актёре,
Который умер, когда был сильно пьян,
Я о нём даже не слышала.
Я открываю раздел гороскопов
И ищу анекдоты,
Я чувствую чей-то взгляд,
И поднимаю глаза...)

there's a woman on the outside
looking inside - does she see me?
no she does not really see me
cause she sees her own reflection
and i'm trying not to notice
that she's hitching up her skirt
and while she's straightening her stockings
her hair is getting wet

(Там снаружи стоит женщина,
Смотрит внутрь.
Она видит меня?
На самом деле нет,
Она видит лишь собственное отражение.
Я пытаюсь не замечать,
Как она поправляет свою юбку,
И пока она расправляет чулки,
Ее волосы промокают.)

oh this rain it will continue
through the morning as i'm listening
to the bells of the cathedral
i am thinking of your voice...
and of the midnight picnic once upon a time
before the rain began...
and i finish up my coffee
and it's time to catch the train

(О, этот дождь не кончается
Всё утро, и вдруг я слышу
Звон церковных колоколов,
И вспоминаю твой голос...
...И полуночный пикник
Когда-то давным давно,
Пока не начался дождь...
Я допиваю свой кофе,
Пришло время идти на поезд...)

So popular wisdom says
 Before examination it is impossible to be cut - knowledge "will have hair cut".

A day before offset or examination don't wash a head.

In day of delivery it is necessary to rise from a bed from the left foot, to brush teeth the left hand and the ticket to pull, of course, too the left.

Happy student's numbers - 3, 5, 7, 9 and as it is paradoxical, 13.

Don't eat while you feverishly re-read abstracts, and that "will jam" memory.

Don't leave abstracts and textbooks opened - knowledge can "disappear".

Before calling in audience it is necessary to touch the student who has just handed over on excellent". Thus, the honors pupil shares with you the success. For большей productivity after that to a ticket capture cross fingers.

Leaving the house, don't come back. If it so is necessary for making, for example, have forgotten зачетку, follows, having entered into the house, at itself in a mirror to put out the tongue.

It is possible to tell fortunes, will carry or not at examination. If the first on the way to high school you meet the man — will carry, if the woman — aren't present.

The good estimation is promised by meetings with pregnant women and naval officers, bad — with vagabonds, firemen and militiamen.

It is impossible to attack covers of manholes - will incur negative energy; if so it has turned out, it is necessary to "give" it - for example, to concern with a column or tree hand.

Before examinations it is impossible to be tidied up in the house and to take out garbage — you will wash up and you will take out knowledge.

If at you good estimations, till the end of session to anybody, except the teacher, don't show зачетку — will maleficiate.

LoveGivesMeHope #2(translation)
 This boy in my school died 17 months ago.

His girlfriend at the time still posts statuses about him on facebook and writes on his wall all the time.

One of the last ones said: "If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden."

The love she shows GMH.

Мальчик в моей школе умер 17 месяцев назад.

Его подруга в это время все еще пишет статусы о нем на facebook и все время пишет на его стене.

Одно из последнего что она сказала: "Если у меня был единственный цветок в течение каждого раза, когда я думаю о тебе, я мог бы гулять навсегда в моем саду."

Любовь она показывает и дает мне надежду

2 years ago my best friend told me he didn't want to be friends with me anymore.

I burst into tears and ran to the bus. When I got home I went up stairs.

Twenty minutes later, I had a knock at my door. It was him, he said he never got to finish and he wanted to say he couldn't stand to be just friends anymore.

Today is our 2 year. His LGMH.

2 года назад мой лучший друг сказал мне, что не хотел дружить со мной больше.

Я разрыдалась и побежала к автобусу. Когда я возвращалась домой, я поднялась по лестнице.

Двадцать минут спустя кто-то постучал ко мне в дверь. Это был он, он сказал, что никогда не говорил до конца, и он хотел сказать, что он не мог больше выдержать быть только друзьями.

Сегодня наше 2-летие. Его любовь дает мне надежду

A couple of days ago it was remembrance day, and I came home to find my little sister crying her eyes out.

When I asked what's wrong, she said she wished she could bring back all the lives of the soldiers who died for us.

Her love for others GMH.
Несколько дней назад был день памяти, и я пришел домой, чтобы найти мою младшую сестру, выплакавшую все глаза.

Когда я спросил что случилось, она сказала, что ей было жаль, что она не могла возвратить все жизни солдат, которые умерли для нас.

Ее любовь к другим дает мне надежду.

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I liked 5 and 7 videoclips.
1 videoclip: The classical version of a song, beautifully but ordinary
2 videoclip: More melodic is very similar on 1
3 videoclip: More rhythmical than two pregoing
4 videoclip: Me has seemed to the boring
5 videoclip: Best of all! Beautiful game on the piano and a voice of the boy:)Touchingly.
6 videoclip: The strong. Very much it will be pleasant to those who listens to fate, metal and other
7 videoclip: It is more than attention to music, than on a song.

 Once my friend has told to me that I am beautiful both outside and inside
I have answered: you tell me it, because you my friend
She has told: No, I your girlfriend because is truth

The six-year boy lived in Rochester with parents and the little sister. The girl was born very sick. To it was three years when parents have asked the boy, it «could give it blood without which she can't live further». The boy has agreed, without deliberating. In some days doctors of university clinic have drawn a straight line a transfusion. The boy lay near to the little sister, and from its vein transfused blood in its vein.

At some instant, when it seemed to the boy that the transfusion lasts very much long, he has asked the doctor: «So die?». The doctor observing of procedure, didn't know what to answer. After short conversation with the boy it became clear that that hasn't understood parents. Thought that should give it the blood and die, that there could live the his sister.


My niece goes to kindergarten, and in the same garden there is a blind boy.
She didn't understand that it means, so I have explained to it.
Inheriting day when I have come to take away it home, I have seen, how she sits blindly opposite to that boy and describes to it as trees look.
The boy simply shone with happiness.
My niece gives hope to me and that boy

Christmas Crafts : How to Make a Christmas Card Wreath

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Make your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile.


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